The Library Conundrum and Immortality: "Un essai futile/fatal"
Edward C. Paolella
"The body of human society is its peoples;
the soul of human society is its libraries."
---Edward C. Paolella

If only one wish of all the wishes I wish were to come true, it is the wish that on every street and dirt road, in every hamlet, village, town, city, state, country, and principality in the world, there would be a library. And in every one of all the billions of libraries, my wish would be that there would be found in them all the books that have ever been condemned, banned, or burned in the past, the books currently condemned, banned, or burned, and all the books that will be condemned, banned, or burned in the future would be found.

And in all the billions of libraries of my wish, all the books never condemned, banned, or burned in the past, currently not condemned, or burned, and will not in the future be condemned, banned, or burned will no longer exist.

For any book that has never been condemned, banned, or burned, is currently not condemned, banned, or burned, or will in the future not be condemned, banned, or burned would not in the least be of any value at all to humankind in knowing what its true nature is or know the true nature of immortality.

Since only all books condemned, banned, or burned reveal the true nature about human nature and immortality, they are the only books worthy of being made available to every human being existing at any moment in time for as long as time exists.

And only condemned, banned, or burned books ought to be read to every child, woman, and man who is illiterate. Such reading to the illiterate of all books condemned, banned, and burned would possibly inspire them to learn to read one day when reading will ultimately be taught to them; that is until such time, however far into the future, all the human beings in theworld will be literate. Until then, let each illiterate human being of whatever age choose to memorize a book of their own choice among the condemned, banned, or burned books read to them.

Finally, once the whole world eventually becomes literate, by then there will no longer be any book published that will not to be condemned, banned, or burned, and the human race will have arrived at the truth of truths and attain immortality.

Then, and only then, will there no longer be wars, famines, disease, and death. For only then will every human being realize in perpetuity the truth of truths about human nature since only books condemned, banned, or burned contain the true truths about humanity and the ulitmate truth about the truth truths about the nature of immortality--at least until human life, such as it is, exists on planet earth, such as it will be, until both are extinguished when the sun burns itself out and swallows up of the planets in the solar system that will become a black hole one day drawing all the planets into the black hole and with it, of course, all the humans and all the libraries around the enlightened no-longer existing human race and no-longer existing libraries!

When that time comes, the world and all its inhabitants will not go out with a whimper, but with a cry of the joy over no longer having books condemned, banned, or burned!

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