My Prayer for George "Dubya" Bush, Grand Inquisitor: If Only There Were a God and a Hell

My Prayer for George "Dubya" Bush, Grand Inquisitor:
If Only There Were a God, If Only There Were a Hell!
Edward C. Paolella
September 19, 2006
"The soul that suffers most, " explained my Guide [Virgil],
"is Judas Iscariot, he who kicks his legs
on the fiery chin [of Satan] and has his head inside."
Dante, The Divine Comedy, Canto 34:61-63

Bush has a block of wood for a head, an empty paint can for a brain, and a stone heart the size of Mount Rushmore. For a Jesus Freak, he is also deaf, dumb, and blind for someone who supposedly holds discourse with the main-man, man-made, man-God Yeshua and professes to live by Jesus' example of poverty, obedience, self-sacrifice, and martydom to save the "souls" of "unredeemed" mankind.

There is no doubt whatsoever that, to date, Bush will go down in history as the most destructive and incompetant mismanager of the American presidency than any of all the worst presidents put together in American history and the possible cause of World War III.

If only I believed in the existence of an All-Loving God and of an All-Consuming Hell, I would pray morning, noon, and night--in Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek, and Qur'anic Arabic--that, as Dante treated the world's betrayers at the very bottom of the Nineth Circle of Hell named Judecca, where such traitors as Brutus, Judas Iscariot, and Cassius are to be found, Bush should be placed in the one-headed, but three-mouthed Demonic Beast Satan to gnaw on Bush and jerk him around in fits and starts in the throws of eternal pain and suffering. Amen.

There is no human suffering good enough for Dubya. Perhaps it is his true Karma to be, in fact, without a conscience or a so-called "soul" waiting to be judged on the Final Day of Judgment by Jesus the so-called "Christ" himself.

He sold his Satanic "soul" to corporate America and the neo-con, neo-fascist Christian Fundamentalists for their financial support and votes. He is a heartless warmonger and profiteer. He cares absolutely nothing for the sick, the hungry, and the poor in America. He is a rattle snake in the guise of a human being.

An opportunist and liar of Gargantuan proportions, he has betrayed not only all decent hardworking Americans--creating more less-paying jobs without pension plans and medical benefits than nearly all Americans who have ever benefitted from the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt--but he has also abandoned nearly every American who has ever needed a leg up--including, most recently, the dead victims and all the victims of devastating hurrican Katrina during his tenure as the most demented president America has ever had.

He flushed democracy down the toilet with his fascist-like usurpation of power with the "Patriot Act," his non-Congressionally approved used of illegal phone, wire, email, and public "library-card" tapping as well as his paying foreign countries to torture and maim so-called prisoners of war or suspected terrorists, of which he himself is one, incarcerated in foreign prisons or at Guantamano Bay detaining and torturing men for years without any right to legal council.

His "Faith-Based" initiatives have destroyed the separation of church and state in America. He is "Pro-Life" but will not support vital stem-cell research to find cures for the worst diseases that scourge the dying in America as he makes war that has already taken tens of thousands of lives of soldiers here and abroad leaving as many as 60,000 American soldiers mutilated for life and nearly 3,000 dead so far in endless wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which countries Dubya's presidency has helped to thrust into virtual civil wars and the creation of more religious extremists as well as secular ones than the world ever possessed in toto before Dubya became president of the United States.

He supports the highest tax reductions to the richest one percent of Americans. He gives American and foreign companies mammoth financial tax benefits and financial gains through government contracts for the industrical-military complex to destroy once thriving cities; then he provides for the creation of similar contracts to the same voracious American companies to rebuild the cities that he has paid the same and similar companies, with American tax dollars, to rase to the ground.

But he prays to Jesus ever day and night. He professes belief in a man-God who preached that "the meek shall inherit the earth" and for so-called Christians to love their enemies while Dubya pronounces to the world that Iraq, North Korea, and Iran as the "Axis Powers of Evil" in the world. While he proclaims other countries to be "evil," he pretends to have the most ignorant and ill-informed and brain-washed Americans believe in American's innocent mission to bring freedom and democracy to the world while he works daily to rape and to erode the very same freedom and democracy upon which the American dream was supposed to be built.

I am so, so sorry that there does not exist any God to torture Dubya's "sick soul" any further than it is already psychologically tormented both while on earth, and I am so, so sorry that there exists no hell for that same "sick soul" to be continued to be tormented for all eternity after Dubya dies.

Oh, to you non-existant God, please hear my prayer to prove to the world that you are truly All Just and All Good. Oh, non-existant God, please, please, I beg you, please hear my prayer and the prayers of the millions upon millions of other Americans--and even foreigners around the world-- praying the same prayers I am praying to you, oh, non-existant God, to put America and the world out of its misery because of George "Dubya" Bush.

And again, I say, Amen!


Stanley said...
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Stanley said...

Your prayer is ironic, right? That's your intention? The "god" you would pray to is the very same god that passes for "god" by these alleged "Christians." Public Christians, as presented by today's media, today's fashion are nothing more than extensions of their own egos. They want what's good for them instead of wanting what God wants, namely love, justice, mercy, peace and joy.

Praying your prayer is the embracing the theology of this administration, people who don't live the Gospel of Jesus and indeed have hearts of stone and eyes that cannot see and ears that cannot hear.

My prayer for Dubya: that his heart be open, his eyes may see and his ears may hear the pain and torment and troubles he's causing the whole world. And then respond as a Christian would respond with the Mind of Christ.